Single Interactive Displays

Single interactive displays are the professional display solutions formed by supporting industrial displays of desired dimensions by various touch technologies.

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Interactive Video Wall

Interactive Video Wall is a professional imaging solution formed by supporting VideoWall systems of various dimensions by various touch technologies.

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Interactive Kiosk

Interactive kiosk, which enables interactive communication in areas of common use, is a touch solution preferred for informing and guiding purposes.

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Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are professional imaging solutions produced by applying touch technology enabling direct communication with the target group and depending on the user experience to single and multi-display systems which are independent of the dimensions of the display.

Presenting the requested information to the end user at the touch of a finger and thus establishing a direct and effective communication, the system offers a significant convenience in access to information.

The methods for information transfer especially in public areas and in the business world change through interactive displays and new interactive solutions are created for users. This change enables the presentation of a solution which can offer the information requested and satisfy the needs of the users rather than a one-way transfer of messages in which specific content is displayed. The system takes part more in our daily lives through this multi-dimensional skill which satisfies unlimited requirements in various areas.

Touch guidance kiosks in multiple areas of use such as shopping malls, museums, theaters, touch ATMs, and touch ticket machines can be regarded as the first examples to interactive solutions created for users.