What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage, which is considered as the information system of the 21 st century, and which is the leading actor in the corporate communication trend, is a closed circuit television, advertisement, announcement, and information solution providing effective communication with the customers through professional screens in all areas without any limitation of industry or purpose of use.

Digital Signage systems can be adjusted to all sectors and they allow you to show the contents prepared at a single point through a network with local or remote access on one or more digital screens. Using a network connection, you can show the targeted information to the specified audience, at the determined location and at the determined moment.

Digital Signage systems enable you to customize the messages to the target audience, to update them very frequently, and to show them on the same screen simultaneously compared to the traditional methods, and to report the whole system. Digital Signage systems can be used in a wide range of ways either intended for customers such as presentation of contents prepared specially for customers, advertisements, campaigns or announcement of all kinds of communications, or they can also be used as intended for internal customers such as inter personnel communication, in-company instructions or remote training.

Digital Signage, which is a digital communication system, functions by showing data such as pictures, videos, graphic contents, news, internet pages, PowerPoint presentations, scrolling texts, weather forecasts, traffic and travel information, and exchange rates on professional imaging systems in a dynamic way using special software solutions.

You can manage and report innumerable contents to be broadcast on many screens with Digital Signage, which, thanks to remote accessibility, can be operated over an IP network either from a single center or from different branches.

Digital Signage systems can broadcast on all digital media such as LED or LCD screens, digital billboards, Video Walls or digital kiosks, and the broadcasting times can be planned for different contents thanks to central timing.

With Digital Signage software, professional screens can be managed at a hardware level, powered on and off by remote access, and it can easily be checked and reported if the screens are functioning correctly.

Digital Signage system solutions give you professional screen options of 10” to 95”.

Advantages of Digital Signage for users:

  • Provides cost advantage and saving on time thanks to the multi-functionality of the system;
  • Ease of operation and efficiency due to remote control and central management;
  • It enables a lot of content to be broadcast on a single screen.
  • More dynamic and interesting presentation of the contents compared to the traditional methods;
  • Enables simultaneous announcements and information sharing;
  • Makes a positive contribution to the corporate image;
  • They are environment friendly systems with long economic lives.
  • With correct planning, Digital Signage systems can be used as the most effective digital communication and training tool.

Areas of Use and Purposes of Digital Signage Systems

Companies and Institutions

Corporate communication, announcements from the management to personnel, announcements for event calendars, security instructions, personnel training, data centers, emergency announcements, reception instructions, meeting room management systems.

Health Sector

Doctor’s room information screens, monitoring patient information, customer satisfaction measurement, product and service advertisements, health advices, reception instructions

Retail sector and Restaurants

Shop and branch information systems, promotion of products, campaigns and menus, corporate communication systems at headquarters, customer satisfaction survey, online purchasing, aesthetic look for indoor of shops


Information systems in branches and display cases, data center systems, meeting room management systems, promotion of campaigns and menus, in-company communication platforms, immediate data, reception and information desk areas.

Transportation and Accommodation

Reception and information desk areas, information systems in terminals (departure and arrival data), data center systems, Kiosk and wayfinding systems, direction and information systems (announcements and advertisements)

Education and Health

Smart board systems, interactive participation, in-company information systems, room/classroom nametag solutions, security information, rules to follow and announcement boards about the activities You can contact us using the communication form in order to receive information on Digital Signage Systems.

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