About iDisplay

iDisplay began its activities in 2012 as an independent company. iDisplay offers professional solutions in the field of imaging technologies requiring expertise through its specially designed information, guiding and presentation solutions with its own brand, iSpot.

iDisplay also serves in countries such as K.K.T.C., Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, Morocco and Kazakhstan. By 2017, system installation services have started to be provided in prestigious projects in Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

The digital information displays that are produced and manufactured under the surveillance of the technical team and engineers serve in various fields through their use for information, guidance, security, announcement and advertisement.

Retail SectorFinance Industry and BanksHealth Industry: Education IndustryReal Estate and Textile Industry: Entertainment, Service & Accommodation Industry: Transportation Industry:Besides the industries stated above, Telecommunication, Energy, Automotive, Defense and Security industries can be regarded among our field of activities for internal effective communication, monitoring and security measures.