Standard Video Wall

Standard Video Wall systems are Video Wall solutions that may be offered without any necessity for any special designs in requested numbers and arrangement in accordance with the line-column matrix structure of the displays of the same dimensions.

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LED Wall

Mostly preferred in manufacturing big size displays, LED VideoWall systems are VideoWall solutions formed by positioning red, blue and green LEDs in numbers, specifications and forms varying according to requirements.

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Menu Board

MenuBoard is a VideoWall solution conveying multiple contents to users on a single display at specified intervals and enabling an easy update of menu contents.

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Scada is a VideoWall solution preferred for system tracking and control for fields where there is a need for instant data entry and data update.

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ArtWall is a VideoWall solution offering a digital imaging field that may be fully customized according to the needs and expectations of the customers.

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DLP Cube Wall

DLP Cube systems are VideoWall solutions formed by combining bezel-less DLP displays.

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VideoWall is a body of multiple displays formed by integrating multiple industrial displays.

VideoWall offers unlimited opportunities to the users in terms of its intended use and areas of use. Therefore, it is preferred in many places where it is desired to access large numbers of people.

Specially produced thin bezel industrial displays are used in VideoWall projects. The displays, which are produced especially for long-time use, are combined in to various matrices and requested configurations, and converted in to technological designs through motion designs and constructions.

The displays forming VideoWall may be constructed in different scenarios.

The displays may be used as one display entirely;

Each display may display different contents independent of each other if requested;

The displays may be inter-grouped depending on the needs and requests.

Different control units such as PCs, matrix switches, multiviewers and processors are used in providing images to VideoWall systems.