When standard products and solutions are not enough, you ask us and let us design and produce it

What is iSpot?

They are iDisplay’s special design hardware and service solutions such as digital information display, digital kiosk, digital totem and screen mounting apparatus, which it produces on project basis for its customers under its own registered trademark.

Why iSpot?

If a customized screen, casing, or installation solution is required in the project, iSpot solutions should be preferred instead of standard solutions. In the special case where the screens will be placed, the corporate color and logo of the customer choice can be used. The display can be placed in different frame types according to the place of installation and purpose of use, and solutions are provided for the project by using special hangers to be produced for installation.

iSpot Product and Solution Types;

Indoor Kiosk

It is an information and guidance solution suitable for use in indoor environments where industrial monitors with 7/24 working principle are positioned in a horizontal or vertical format in a special production cabinet with carrier legs.

It provides flexibility to use with its mobile or fixed legs. Kiosk cabins are designed and produced with project logo, alternative color, and material options upon request.

Outdoor Kiosk

These are the information and guidance solutions suitable for use in outdoor environments where high brightness industrial monitors with 7/24 working principle are produced by positioning an external industrial ventilation system in a special production cabinet suitable for all seasons conditions.

Additional windows used in front of the screen protect the screen against external influences and impacts. The feet fixed to the floor protect the product against tipping and theft.

Since the displays used in outdoor kiosks have very high brightness, their content display performance is quite good, even in sunlight.

Interactive Kiosk

The displays of indoor and outdoor kiosks can be touch-sensitive, depending on the demand for use. In this way, the user can search the word with the letter keys on the screen or go up and down, back and forth with the direction keys and get the information he needs.

Interactive kiosk solutions are the applications, which are also known as WayFinding and seen especially in shopping malls, where the user can find answers to questions such as “Where am I ?, How do I go?”
Touch-sensitive kiosks can also be used as a digital suggestion, complaint, or survey display.

Museums, Cinemas, and Chain Stores are among the places where interactive kiosks can be used.

iSpot Hanging Apparatus

The installation methods of industrial monitors may vary according to customer demand and the physical conditions of the hanging place. Different mounting styles are available, such as on a wall, ceiling, stand standing on floor, construction, in a conservation case or built-in.

In some cases, instead of the standard serial manufacturing apparatus, a special manufacturing apparatus should be used according to the mounting type and the physical size of the screen.

iSpot Hanging Apparatus Types;

Wall Hanger Apparatus
It is a hanging apparatus used to install screens of different sizes on a flat surface.

Ceiling Hanger Apparatus
It is a hanging apparatus used to install a screen that is fixed on and hangs down from the ceiling.

Videowall Fixed Bracket
These are the adjustable surface-mounted hanging apparatus used for all screens to be mounted on one plane and time.

Videowall Push-Up Hanger Apparatus
These are the hanging apparatus preferred for use especially in a built-in installation or 3×3 and larger video videowalls, where front intervention is required for screens.

Housing Case
These are the cases specially produced according to customer demand and usage type in cases where individual screens are desired to be mounted built-in with the surface or to protect the screens in public places against the physical impacts.