Sisecam, which adopts the values of thriving and developing together, grows by using iDisplay professional imaging solutions in in-house communication.




Founded 81 years ago, Sisecam Group, today beyond being one of Turkey’s most powerful industrial establishments, exports to 150 countries and is a truly global actor with its operations in 13 countries.

Sisecam Group, which opened to world markets for the first time in the 1960s in line with the principle of “our market is the world”, and entered into a rapid growth process by diversifying its activities since the 1970s, started to move its products to every corner of the world in the 2000s by getting into new markets.

Adopting the values of “thriving and developing together”, Sisecam uses iDisplay Digital Signage solutions in its Head Office building and continues to develop by using iDisplay presentation solutions in meeting and managers’ rooms.



It was aimed to place professional presentation screens in each of the meeting rooms in the new Head Office Buildings, and to share information on meeting titles, participants and time with digital information screens positioned in front of the rooms.

It was also aimed to install professional screens in the rooms of managers which can be used for presentation.


110 pieces 55 ”and 65” professional screens, which can be used for presentation purposes, were placed in all meeting rooms, by also taking the intensity of the participants and use cases into consideration.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Software was used in 110 10 ”information screens placed in front of the meeting room. Thus, the planned use of these common areas was ensured. With the digital signage system, meeting information, participant and time content were instantly transferred to professional screens.
With hotel TV solutions located in all manager rooms within the same building, special services

needed by the managers were offered to them. In addition, the information such as information about the manager who uses that room was reflected on the 10” screens placed in front of the manager rooms.


  • The use of high-resolution glossy displays placed in the meeting rooms contributed both to the creation of a more professional image and to the continuity of the participants’ interest in the meetings.