Dünyagöz Hospital Groups

With iDisplay solutions, A digital information platform has been created at Dünyagöz Hospitals!




Dünyagöz prefers iDisplay consultancy to establish an accurate communication network with patients and visitors and to create a comfortable hospital environment equipped with up-to-date technology.

Dünyagöz, which started to serve in 1996, provides a definite solution to the problems related to eye and supraorbital health 365 days, 24 hours with hundreds of different treatment methods offered by the most advanced technologies in all branches of the eye. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, which has started a new era with branch hospitalization in our country, provides health services in 22 centers in Turkey and abroad. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group provides services in 12 different cities in 21 branches across Turkey and Germany, Amsterdam, Baku, and Georgia abroad and serves to annually about 40 thousand patients in the world’s 107 countries by assuming the leadership of the health tourism in Turkey.

Dünyagöz Hospitals designed the desired professional imaging solutions with iDisplay consultancy to create a prestigious digital workspace and inform the patients and visitors in their domestic and foreign centers with its constantly renewed complete technology.



Dünyagöz Hastaneleri’nde hasta ve ziyaretçiler için etkin bir bilgilendirme platformu kurulması ve personelin iş ortamlarını daha konforlu hale getirecek çözümlerin yer alması amaçlandı. Geliştirilen sistem ile doktor odası kapı yanı dijital ekranlarından ve ortak kullanım alanlarından yapılan bilgilendirmelerin düzenli ve etkili olması için teknolojik alt yapısı güçlü, yönetimi kolay bir bilgilendirme sistemi kurulması hedeflendi.


With PlatPlay, a digital signage software developed by iDisplay, and has more than 300 professional displays, an easy-to-use, flexible system that manages the contents from a single center and does not require external hardware was put into use.

It became possible to transfer the announcements, doctor, patient, and appointment information to high-resolution professional screens instantly and to provide information and reports about all published contents by the system. As the entire system was intended for PC-free use, the Samsung Smart Signage displays and PlatPlay digital signage software running on the built-in media players were used. With PlatPlay, a software that can meet all the needs of Dünyagöz and meet the special demands requested, a special software was prepared by considering the working environment conditions and demands of the customer.

IOS, Android and web-based management systems developed by iDisplay were put into operation. With this system integrated 10” door-side screens, it was possible to provide information flow to patients from common areas with 55’’ information screens and video wall.


  • In the project implemented by iDisplay, Dünyagöz has got a digital communication platform. Effective communication was established with the delivery of the content published on the Digital Signage screens to the patients. The patients moved away from the classical hospital environment and started to spend more productive time thanks to professionally prepared content.
  • 10’’ special industrial-grade door-side digital name tags, provide the doctor’s name, title and experience in a very effective way with PlatPlay software. Thus, a system was introduced to enable the patients to see the correct orientation and in which room and by which doctor the treatment will be made.
  • With this renewal by iDisplay, all staff and patients began to feel the power of available technology. In this way, both the efficiency of the management of patient relations and patient satisfaction were contributed.
  • Dünyagöz has gained a modern and professional appearance reflecting the brand value.
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