iDisplay offers system and content management services over networks that are customized for projects of users with no restriction on time and location. iDisplay enables the management of the installed systems in the most efficient way by controlling them in the fastest manner by remote access.

Content management service is composed of 4 different areas:


Signage contents are designed.

Video scenario applications are built.

Encoding is applied.

Corporate design works are prepared.


On-line & Off-line displays can be controlled.

Off-line displays are notified by an automatic mail.

Technical support may be offered by phone.

Hardware service guiding is carried out.

Firmware updates are applied to the displays.

Monitoring of server maintenance, back up and update are carried out.

Reporting service is rendered at specified periods.

On-site technical support service is rendered.

24/7 support is offered.

Media quality control is performed.

Custom content is produced.

Compliance of contents is controlled. The incompatible contents are accorded.

Content publication timing and publication location definition.

Content management report is shared in daily, weekly and monthly periods.

Software Service Support

Remote and on-site support service is rendered under warranty.

On-site support service is rendered out of warranty.

Software installation, maintenance and update processes are carried out.