Project Detail

iDisplay is digitalizing the operations and the corporate communication of Vodafone, the technology giant of the world, in Turkey!

Vodafone, which is producing a solution to the communication needs of more than 400 million people on earth, is realizing all digitalization configurations of its more than 1,000 shops in Turkey with the cooperation of iDisplay&Netaş.

iDisplay is realizing the institutional TV broadcasting, which has a significant place in the in-house communication, the VideoWall solutions in conference rooms and SCADA rooms, the DigitalSignage applications in all institutional redirection and informing actions at Vodafone.

The technology giant Vodafone loves innovation and is working for a much better future. The company is moving forward with iDisplay, which is providing innovative and reliable solutions in digitalizing its corporate communication

iDisplay is realizing all corporate communication of Vodafone with its VideoWall, Digital Kiosk, EventBoard and Digital Signage solutions and is managing all contents from one center. With management from a single center the advertisements and campaigns are broadcast throughout the country with the desired timing. This way Vodafone is providing customer focused services and at the same time strengthening its innovative and professional image becoming of its brand value.

iDisplay provided Vodafone operational convenience and saving on time by managing the content management of the corporate communications of the company.