Project Detail

Beşiktaş stadium, which has been renewed with the sponsorship of Vodafone, is now complete and it has opened its doors with a magnificent ceremony in the previous weeks. All digitalizing processes of the Vodafone Arena Shop, which is located in the Vodafone Arena, and which is one of the most prestigious shops in the stadium, have been completed by iDisplay. The contents are broadcast from a huge curved 6 x 4 VideoWall placed inside the shop and it attracts intensive attention from the visitors. Many remarkable contents are broadcast from these screens continuously, from the construction periods of the stadium to the messages of the fans; from social media shares to views from the stands on the match day.

Campaigns can be announced and products can be advertised from these LED screens in the shop that is next to the entrance turnstile at the entrance of the stadium. The Vodafone Arena Shop, which offers many different experiences to the customers with the screens used for different purposes in different parts of the shop under the same roof, is a significant component of the Vodafone digital transformation project run by iDisplay.

In the shop LED screens have been placed on the rear of the accessory stands used in the shop window and with these unused sections have been turned into interesting communication areas. Thanks to the interactive bright high resolution screens reflecting the dynamism of the shop, areas have been created where customers can enjoy their time while they are choosing products. Advertisements have been customized for different parts and customers in the shop with the localized sound system put into use. With the PlatPlay software developed by iDisplay it is possible to control all the screens from a single center both with regard to software and hardware.

In this shop, which is prepared especially for Vodafone Arena visitors, it has been possible to advertise Vodafone products and services in the most effective way with the contents customized for the fans. Thus, the Vodafone Digital Transformation Project, which is run by iDisplay and which is the largest digital signage project in Turkey continues to make a difference and lead the field with this new shop.