Project Detail

Şişecam Group was founded 81 years ago to meet Turkey’s need for basic glass products; today, besides being one of the most powerful industrial companies of the country, it is a truly global player with its exports to 150 countries and operations in 13.

Şişecam Group entered world markets for the first time in the 1960s with the motto “the world is our market,” expanding rapidly in the 1970s by increasing the variety of its operations; in the 2000s, the company headed towards new markets and began bringing its products to all the corners of the world.

Combining extensive experience with an ambitious vision, Şişecam has adopted sustainable growth strategies as a Group, and its main aims are to add value to all its stakeholders, shape the future with its products and services that make life easier, and share the wealth it creates.

Sisecam, which embraces the values of we thrive and developing together, uses iDisplay Digital Signage solutions in the Headquarters, while meeting and manager rooms continue to progress using iDisplay presentation solutions.

In each of the meeting rooms in the new Head Office Buildings, it was aimed to place meeting screens, participants information and time information with the placement of professional presentation screens to make the meeting more efficient and digital information screens positioned in front of the rooms. It also aimed to have professional screens that managers could use for presentations in their own rooms.

All meeting rooms have 55’’ and 65’’ professional screens that can be used for 110 presentations, taking into account the intensity of participants and usage scenarios.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Software was used on 110 10’’ information displays placed in front of the meeting room. In this way, the planned use of these common areas was ensured. With the digital signage system, meeting information, attendee and time contents were instantly transferred to professional screens.

Within the same building, Hotel Tv solutions are located in all the executive rooms and the special services that managers need are offered to them. In addition, the 10’’ screens positioned in front of the executive rooms reflect the information such as which manager the room belongs to.

The use of high-resolution bright screens placed in meeting rooms in presentations contributed to creating a more professional image as well as ensuring the continuity of participants’ attendance to the meeting. All industrial-grade displays used throughout the building provide superior ease of use and management with superior technology, while environmental and energy-saving features add value to the building and surroundings.