Project Detail

Opening its first store in October 2003 at Maçka G-Mall, numnum grew with a steady pace. Recently, numnum has 10 successfully operating stores, 4 in Istanbul, 4 in Ankara and 1 in Bursa.

Solid advocate and defender of the belief of “good food under all ”circumstances” Mehmet Gürs, founder and chairman of the İstanbul Food & Beverage Group believes that numnum was born to make a difference.

numnum, müşterileriyle daha yakın iletişimde olabilmek için güncel teknolojiden faydalanarak restoranlarında iDisplay & Bold Reklam ortak çözümlerinden faydalanıyor.

The target was to position LED LCD screens in different welcoming areas within the restaurants and to publish both advertisements of numnum and other companies on these screens. Quickly update the contents published on professional screens, to end printing costs and to provide institutionalization were targeted with standard screen contents managed centrally.

With the iDisplay digital signage software solution PlatPlay, LED LCD screens provided content such as pictures and videos that promote products, menus and services. The menu and service contents, which have a much more professional appearance in high-resolution glossy screens, can be displayed in any desired order at any time.

A strong hardware and software customized according to the needs has been put into operation.

Broadcasting the contents on a high resolution bright screen allowed a more professional look and even more recognition by the customers.

The printing expenses incurred due to use of posters have been minimized.