Project Detail

Nissan, which emerged with the merger of the two companies in 1934, has partnered with the US manufacturer Ford in 1992 by selling the 2 millionth vehicle in the United States.

Nissan, which symbolizes honesty and sincerity like the Logos, presents its sincerity to its customers on a digital platform with iDisplay solutions.

Nissan target to introduce important models with its video wall screens positioned in its showrooms. It was also aimed to provide detailed and clear information about the customers through the screens placed in the rooms of the sales representatives. Thus, Nissan’s digitalization project was spent with iDisplay solutions.

Industrial-grade, thin-framed, exclusive 46’’ high-resolution video wall screens are positioned in Nissan showrooms with built-in mounting. With the 40’’ industrial displays placed in the sales departments of the offices, Nissan’s privileges were offered to customers through digital information.

iDisplay display solutions of professional benefiting showrooms Nissan, video wall screens over the scope of a car of the month selected models to customers for special introductory offer the possibility, in the digital environment to the visitors the opportunity to experience and know the tools.

Sales representatives in the field of industrial screens positioned thanks to their room as a first offering transparent sales policy details about Nissan, sales are direct honesty and sincerity by offering to the customer through the screens, you symbolize the shows one more time.

Thus, content published on iDisplay’s high-resolution glossy screens was both a more professional look and an impressive experience for the customer.