Project Detail

Karaca stores, it continues its customer focused service with its positioned iDisplay video wall solutions; At the same time, it is getting a stylish and modern image that suits its brand value.

Karaca’s story began in 1973 with courage, hope and excitement shared by a father’s sons. Karaca went out to tell everyone about this story.

Karaca never gave up on bringing home to her family. The story began with excitement spread from one family to another. And Karaca continues to progress today with the responsibility of being a leading design brand. It reveals the difference by designing that nobody can imagine. Believing in the limitlessness of success, he pushes the boundaries and always carries the excitement of sharing the most valuable one.

Karaca stores with iDisplay video wall and product information systems solutions; continues its customer focused service. At the same time, it is getting a stylish and modern image that suits its brand value.

It was aimed to create a system that enables customers to reach easily and provide information with 10’’ product introduction screens applied for the first time in Karaca stores. With video wall displays positioned behind the case, it was intended to digitally present innovations from Karaca’s digitalized stores to its customers.

iDisplay video wall solutions were created by bringing together 46’’ thin-edge industrial displays to the rear of the chassis at Karaca stores. One of the first product demonstration screens was placed in the shop with different spots, enabling customers to transfer information from digital media. With these solutions, it was possible to publish the desired corporate content, product promotion, advertisements and campaigns at Karaca stores.

The corporate broadcasting consisting of news and campaign information for the customers has become possible in the stores where the iDisplay VideoWall solution is installed.

With 10 inch screens placed in different points in the store, Karaca could reach all potential customers.

Behind the cash-desk, was transformed into an attractive area for the customers by VideoWall.

Broadcasting the contents on a high resolution bright screen allowed a more professional look and even more recognition by the customers.