Project Detail

The Olympic Complex that started to be built in 2010 in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, is preparing to host the 2017 Asian Olympics. Solutions emerged with the cooperation of iDisplay and Ledeca have been in place in this project which will be the largest “Olympic Complex” in the Middle Asia.

The 80 m2 MediaCube system placed over the pool inside the indoor swimming pool building within the water sports complex with a seating capacity for 5.000 persons is first of its kind in the world.

With the MediaCube which is formed by covering a special construction with LED screens on four sides and the processor placed, it will be possible to display videos, interactive graphics, live broadcast of the events and data from the scores system on any surface of the system independently of the other surfaces.

High quality LED products placed at every 6 mm have been used in the MediaCube application consisting of a total of 80 m2 of screen with 30.4 m2 (7.6 x 4) on the wider side and 9.6 m2 (2.4 x 4) on the narrower side. Since the environment has high humidity and chlorine and is therefore an indoor area open to corrosion, outdoor LED components and fanless aluminum frame technology have been used here.

With this project, which is realized with the cooperation of iDisplay and Ledeca and is first of its kind as an application, it is aimed that thousands of spectators will receive instant data flow in an impressive way and will have a wonderful experience.