Idisplay, Oyuncak Müzesi Projesi Yönlendirme ve Bilgilendirme Ekranı Projesi

Project Detail

Istanbul Toy Museum was founded by poet/author Sunay Akın on 23 April 2005. The museum which houses the most favorite examples of toy history, spanning from 1700’s to today is located in a historical mansion.

Istanbul Toy Museum was established with toys- that were purchased from auctions and antique shops for over 40 countries in 20 years by Sunay Akın-offers the history of world to the visitors with more fun and catchy learning methods.

The gap about the toy museums in Turkey was filled with Istanbul Toy Museum and Istanbul Toy Museum has gained an importance place among its examples in the world. On November 2012 TOYCO Istanbul meeting (European Union of Toy and Children Museums) was held by Istanbul Toy Museum in Turkey for the first time. Istanbul Toy Museum has thus been a pioneer about establishing children and toy museums in the world and made Istanbul to win the title “the capital of toy museums”.

The tour of the Toy Museum is supported by different methods to make it more fruitful. The documentaries shown in the museum on the professional screens provided by iDisplay help strengthen the message the exhibition intends to give, and create more awareness in the visitors’ minds. For instance there is a professional screen in the room where soldier toys are placed broadcasting information on the periods when these toys were made and the negative impacts of wars; again there is a professional screen in another room where space toys are placed showing the visitors documentaries on the human adventure for space travel. On the screen in the café on the other hand, works by great painters are presented to the visitors, in which toys are the theme. This is an important source of information presenting the history of toys from the past to the present. Again different films and documentaries are shown here so that the visitors can enjoy their time in the museum café.

It is now possible to have a modern way of communicating with the visitors in a digital medium thanks to these professional screens provided for the Istanbul Toy Museum in the scope of a social responsibility project. Also showing documentaries within the exhibitions help open new doors in the minds of the visitors and allow them to evaluate the museum with different perspectives.