Project Detail

The Gence International Hospital, which was opened to business in Gence, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, in October, and which prioritize all expectations and demands of its patients at every stage of the service it provides, with its advanced level technical infrastructure and its expert team, carried its corporate communication system on to digital platform with iDisplay.

The Gence Hospital, which aims at continuous improvement of its service quality, attained the corporate and innovative image it has desired with the solutions developed by iDisplay.

In the project, where iDisplay has been in charge of consulting, project development, software and hardware installation processes, the VideoWall placed behind the information desk situated at the hospital entrance, on which the hospital services and polyclinic data are displayed has been set up using sixteen 55” screens and a 4×4 matrix structure. About 50 signage screens placed in polyclinics, corridors and the cafeteria areas are aimed at ensuring continuous guidance and communication of information and displaying the contents of announcements. With 100 digital nameplates, online updating of data of the doctors has been made available. Furthermore, the screens located next to the doors of the rooms of the patients made it possible to keep the data of the personnel following up on the patients up-to-date.

With the contents displayed on the high resolution bright screens, it has been ensured that the flow of information to and guidance for the users is much quicker and up-to-date. Hence, the information contents achieved a more professional look which is much more noticeable for the visitors.

A system was set up where all hardware and software can be managed centrally by remote access, when necessary. With customized software, it was made possible for the contents to be updated, monitored and reported when desired.