Project Detail

Truly one of the giants in the retail sector, Eren Holding increases its brand value by iDisplay solutions in its Lacoste, SuperStep, Nautica and G-Star Raw stores!

Based on 25 years of experience, with almost 300 stores and more than 1,000 points of sales in 20 countries Eren Holding, achieved its desired prestigious display with iDisplay VideoWall, ArtWall and Digital Signage solutions at the stores of the brands for which Eren Holding acts as the Turkey and regional agency.

With Digital Signage screens were positioned in various fields in stores, they achieved the modern and professional look befitting the brand value for Lacoste and G-Star stores, make more perceptible the Nautica’s water and sea concept in stores, to internalize much more clearly the product-brand theme by the customer and for SuperStep, target was to feature the corporate broadcast of SuperStep by means of high resolution and bright screens which reflect the high energy level of SuperStep stores. It has become possible to introduce the various brands under SuperStep to the customers.

The purpose was to provide information to the customers on the new collection and brand innovations by means of a VideoWall located centrally in the store.

Broadcasting the contents on a high resolution bright screen allowed a more professional look and even more recognition by the customers.

An empty, unused wall has been transformed into an attractive area for the customers by VideoWall. A strong hardware and software customized according to the needs has been put into operation. The printing expenses incurred due to use of posters have been minimized.