Project Detail

Dardenia, having always addressed customers with the experience and quality service of Dardanel, is now making use of iDisplay MenuBoard solutions in order to make menu presentations in a much more professional manner.

Dardenia has been found to be the first and only fish-bread chain in Turkey in 2011 and filled a great gap in the fine fast-food seafood category, and it is continuing its growth with its sixth restaurant that came into service recently.

Dardenia prefers the iDisplay MenuBoard solution in order to serve its customers in a modern environment, to make a more appetizing menu presentation compared to other solutions with its high image quality and noticeability, and in order to communicate with the customers with up-to-date information.

Pictures and videos that present the products and the menu are being broadcast with the iDisplay MenuBoard solutions that have been established by bringing together screens with internal media players that have been placed in the ordering areas and entrance halls of the restaurants. The product and menu contents can now be broadcast in the desired order in the high resolution luminescent screens and in a much more professional way.

A strong hardware and customized software has been put into use, and changing menu and price data have become quickly updatable from a single center. In this way both printing costs have come to an end and the desired corporate identity presentation is obtained using standard screen contents.