Project Detail

UNIQ Istanbul, with its investment in TURKMALL, is decorated with historical mansions in a green touch in the heart of nature, in Maslak, the most important financial and commercial center of the city, with its new generation “living center” concept, culture-arts, congresses, entertainment and business world , In a privileged environment.

UNIQ Istanbul, Turkey’s largest cultural and artistic complex, was chosen as the best socio-cultural project of the year 2015 in the Sign of the City; New Center of the Seven Arts, UNIQ Hall; The best acoustics in Europe and the UNIQ Outdoor Stage, surrounded by Volkswagen Arena and forests, welcome our country and the stars of the world and different events.

UNIQ Istanbul promises a new generation of life experiences with different tastes, special cuisines and elite stores. UNIQ Istanbul, which also has a busy circulation with constantly organizing high-involvement events, benefits from iDisplay Digital Kiosk solutions with the Bold Advertisement & iDisplay partnership to inform the visit.

With iDisplay digital solutions, guests are welcomed, directed to the required areas and informed about events
UNIQ Istanbul, target was that the events held here could be informed about the meeting of the participants and the events planned to take place in the near future.

The industry-class 40’’ high-resolution bright displays are positioned at different points of orientation, while the iDisplay Digital Kiosks are built with industrial-grade 46’’ high resolution bright screens. These screens are centrally managed remotely and contain event information and brand promotions as content.

Digital Kiosk solutions with in the UNIQ Istanbul welcome areas, we were able to keep informed of the attendant.

UNIQ Istanbul, and the event participants were provided with screens that let them know about events scheduled to take place in the near future.

The fact that the information to be shared is instantly updateable provided time for content management and ease of use.