Project Detail

As one of the leading ready-made clothing brands in Turkey, COLIN’S aims to make its customers feel better and more comfortable by offering quality and innovative products. In more than 600 stores in 37 countries, COLIN’S keeps up with the pace of the world where there are newer, more modern, more interesting and more special things every day, and shares the spirit of this big change with its customers.

While invigorating its innovative spirit by technological opportunities, it achieves the modern and eye-catching look of its stores reflecting its brand with an iDisplay VideoWall.

The concept of COLIN’S stores has been changed in order to achieve an elegant and modern look. Within the frame of this new concept, behind the cash-desk was transformed for the purpose of featuring corporate TV broadcasting to inform the customers on the brand news as well as to emphasize the innovative side of the brand.

The iDisplay VideoWall solution has been established to feature corporate broadcasting by gathering specially designed, narrow bezel, high resolution and bright VideoWall screens. Allowing the broadcast of the desired content at the desired time, this solution involves 46” and 55” screens. The content management operated from a single center enables the broadcasting of the same content at the same time at each store.

The standard broadcasting consisting of news and campaign information for the customers has become possible in the stores where the iDisplay VideoWall solution is installed.

The professional corporate identity of COLIN’S has been invigorated as a result of broadcasting the same contents at the same time.

Behind the cash-desk, was transformed into an attractive area for the customers by VideoWall.

A strong hardware and software customized according to the needs has been put into operation.

Broadcasting the contents on a high resolution bright screen allowed a more professional look and even more recognition by the customers.

Instead of a printed poster or fixed content, the digital dynamic content posted on the screens allowed the participant to participate in the movement.