Project Detail

The data screen in the trading hall of Borsa İstanbul is renewed with DLP Video Wall and LCD Video Wall solutions of iDisplay!

Borsa İstanbul has replaced the analogue data screen that it has used in its trading hall for many years with the DLP Video Wall solution provided by iDisplay.

Signing a technological cooperation agreement with NASDAQ, Borsa İstanbul, aim is to minimize the error rate, provide a professional solution with stability and establish a system with the same screen levels as the stock exchanges worldwide in the way to be the substantial evidence of the completive power of Borsa Istanbul.

Borsa İstanbul has obtained the required reliable solution thanks to renewing the data screen with a powerful hardware and consistent software in consideration with the great importance of the instant changes in the data displayed.

In terms of the project, of which the projecting and installation are carried out by iDisplay, 36 units of 50” DLP Cube screens are gathered as 12×3 and 57 units of 55” LCD screens are gathered as 12×3, 3×3, and 3×2 in order to establish both the new data screen and various digital display areas. A powerful video processor has been used in the system that features a software for 3D graphic production. Thanks to the powerful software and hardware, all data in relation with the stock exchange have been reflected as bar charts and pie charts to the data screen that has been replaced as a DLP Cube Video Wall; The most decreasing and increasing stocks of the day, VIOP data, and information on domestic – foreign shares in stocks have made available on the data screen featuring instant updates. Also, the whole system has been provided in a user-friendly way that it can be traced by means of iPad or android based systems. Hence, Borsa İstanbul has gigantic screens, the contents of which can be changed easily for any events.

By means of the professional installation service of iDisplay, the distance between the screens is less than 1mm. This professionalism not only allowed trouble free operation of the system but also enabled an elegant look.