Project Detail

Audi is a German-owned automobile company and a brand of the Volkswagen group. In the past thirty years from today, it has started to use the most advanced engine in the world with developing technology by producing many models with high power. Introducing the A8 model, which was the world’s first fully mass-produced aluminum production car in 1994, Audi began using ’’Aluminum spacecraft technology’’ called ASF in this model. In addition, the position of the engine and the car in history has revolutionized passenger vehicles. In the middle of the 90s, Audi, taking the new series to the market, took its place among the world’s best quality automobiles.

Audi, who won the 24-hour Le Mans race four times in a row from the world’s most challenging and prestigious races, In 2003 Bentley, another brand of the VW group, totally succeeded this success under the Audi cadre.

Audi is aiming to share Audi privileges that will be presented to customers on screens located in their showrooms. Thus, it was aimed at passing the customer experience center’s digitalization project with iDisplay solutions.

75 ” high resolution industrial displays and Audi showrooms in many places in Turkey Audi privileges were presented to customers.

In showrooms that utilize iDisplay solutions, Audi offers the opportunity to familiarize with the media system and the tools that are specially designed for customers and to experience it in the digital environment. Broadcasting the contents on a high resolution bright screen allowed a more professional look and even more recognition by the customers.