Project Detail

iDisplay has created a digital communication platform in Allianz Tower!

Allianz Group, established in 1890, is active in over 70 countries with over 142,000 employees and is one of the leading insurance companies and financial services organizations in the world. Allianz Turkey has created a digital communication platform on a total of 23 floors in the Allianz Tower in Istanbul with a project where iDisplay is the consultant and also responsible for the application.

iDisplay started off by creating a professional digital working area for over 1,700 employees in the Allianz Tower. With over 300 industrial screens and the PlatPlayDigitalSignage software used in the scope of the project, the target was to strengthen the communications within the company and create a comfortable office equipped with the latest technology.

All hardware and contents of the screens can be operated remotely from a center within the created system. Instant data and HD contents are digitally transferred to over 1,700 employees professionally, and data and reports on all contents broadcast can be obtained from the system.

The PlatPlay Meeting Management System, which is developed by iDisplay and which can be operated as IOS, Andriod or web based, has been started to be used. With the VideoWall, which operates integrated to this system, it has become possible to use the 40 EventBoards and the common meeting rooms in an organized way.

Sound systems and products similar to Xbox have also been used in the project creating a pleasant working environment and the motivation of the employees has been improved.