Empower your service with Philips Professional TV

Give your guests the viewing experience they deserve. They will enjoy a quicker, more responsive TV with a wealth of dedicated hospitality applications, while you will enjoy easy remote installation and management at your convenience.

With Android on your Hospitality TV you’ll enjoy a faster, richer and guest-friendly interface. It’s your launch control to a wealth of dedicated hospitality services, applications and so much more. There’s an easy-to-navigate menu with direct links to your favourite apps.

Philips ProTVs give your guests the freedom to enjoy their content on the big TV wirelessly and without hassle. With Philips open system approach, iOS as well as Android users can connect to TVs easily while Philips secure sharing protects your guests. Pictures, movies, music — it can all be shared and enjoyed on our TVs via Miracast and DirectShare!

Save costs and clutter. With Philips ProTVs, you can build your hotel system directly on the TV. Interactive channels, video-on- demand, interactive hotel menus and information as well as online ordering systems are all possible without an external box attached to the TV.

CMND is Philips’ software running on Philips ProTVs to provide a perfect service at ease. CMND and Create allows you to provide the information you want, when you want. The content-management module of CMND, it allows for easy creation and distribution of interactive, branded hotel web pages. Tailor your TVs to give guests the most up-to-date information with the latest developments in your hotel, all in real time.

CMND and Control allows for remote configuration and installation of your TVs from a central location, without the need to visit any rooms. Update and manage all your displays, with minimal effort, all without having to disturb your guests.

Philips ProTVs are butget-friendly with their low electric power consumtion. Considering the bulk product usage in hotels and hospitals, this feature provides important savings.

Philips ProTVs have 5 YEARS warranty in Turkey.


Manager your devices and contents easily…

Beautiful displays and stunning signage are only as good as the systems that manage them. CMND is an end-to-end solution for connected professional displays that lets you do everything simply, centrally. Whether you have one display or 1,000. It simplifies system deployment (CMND & Deploy). It helps you oversee system operation, system updates and maintenance (CMND & Control). It facilitates content creation and helps you push it live (CMND & Create). It drives interaction and personalization and it does all this, all via one drag and drop interface. CMND means more engagement, more uptime, less frustration and lower cost of ownership.

CMND provides real time customer engagement and distribution of content immediately or based on customer habits. It eliminates the manual labor involved in display-to-display updates.

CMND allows you manage not only your Philips ProTVs but also your Philips digital signage screens and videowalls which you use in public areas on the same interface.