To better account for changing customer and industry trends, and drive new on-site sales, Samsung’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) signage allows retailers to update and manage prices wirelessly in real-time. The customizable ESL displays are a more versatile and lower maintenance alternative to standard printing, and reflect Samsung’s vision for the future of retail stores and customer engagement.

Clear, Readable and Reliable

Using electronic ink, Samsung’s ESL displays provide a consistent and captivating upgrade to traditional printed labels which can smudge or feature hard-to-read fonts.

Price Management at a Lower Price

Through the ESL displays’ dynamic pricing, retailers can update labels without costly printing, labor or materials while also verifying the accuracy of on-shelf data before customers raise concerns.

Streamlined Content Creation

Retailers can monitor and update pricing content across both their in-store ESL signage and standard displays via Samsung’s integrated SMART Signage Platform.

More Informed, One-Stop Shopping

Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology offers supplemental product details directly on the ESL display, preventing interested customers from having to leave the store to further research products.

A Fit for any Retail Setting

Samsung’s customizable ESL signage is available in a variety of small- and mid-sized configurations and black-andwhite and black-white-and-red color options, enabling retailers to find the best option for their store layout and brand identity.