One of the pioneers of the retail sector, Eren Holding prefers iDisplay solutions in Super Step, Lacoste, Nautica and G-Star Raw stores.



Eren Group, wishing to continue its success in retail sector as in other sectors, founded Devanlay – Eren Textile Industry and Trade Inc. in 1990 with the partnership of world famous French Devanlay Group. While the company produces licensed products of Lacoste, Er-De Marketing Inc. established in the same year started to distribute these products. This cooperation, which established the foundations of Eren Retail Co., was also regarded as the beginning of a new era in the sector.

In 2012, with an important decision, Eren Retail Co. launched the SuperStep concept, a multi-brand shoe chain and offered consumers the convenience of reaching many world brands under the same roof. In 2012, it continued to cooperate with global brands by getting the distributorship of G-Star Raw. In 2013, Eren come to an agreement with the famous American brand Nautica, and today it also carries out the operation of this brand in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. Similarly, the French brand Lacoste has been represented in Turkey since 1991, and in Russia and CIS countries since 2005 by Eren.

Today, with 25 years of experience, approximately 300 stores and more than 1000 sales points in 20 countries, Eren Perakende continues its investments and decisive progress in the sector.



With high brightness and resolution screens reflecting the high energy of SuperStep stores, it was aimed to make broadcasts of SuperStep corporate. Through the corporate broadcasting, it was aimed to promote the brand perception in customers by introducing various products of world brands within SuperStep and renewing the store concept.


The corporate iDisplay ArtWall solution was created by combining custom-made thin-edged, high-resolution and bright VideoWall displays so that it reflects the high energy of SuperStep. With this solution, it was possible to broadcast the desired content at the desired time. With the central content management, the same content was published in each store at the same time.


  • In the stores where the iDisplay Artwall solution was used, the corporate broadcasting which consists of content, introducing various products of the global brands within SuperStep was enabled.

  • Thanks to the dynamic and energetic structures of ArtWall solutions applied in SuperStep stores, the spaces gained motion and the brand perception of SuperStep customers was strengthened.

  • As a result of publishing the same content with the same schedule, SuperStep’s professional corporate identity was strengthened.

  • An unused bare wall was transformed into an area that will attract customers’ interest with ArtWall.

  • A powerful hardware and customized software was put into use.

  • The content displayed on high-resolution glossy screens has become more professional and more discernible for users.

  • The burden of printing cost resulting from the use of posters was eliminated.